Do I give my girlfriend too much attention?

So this is my first girlfriend. We have been together for 2.5 years. Im 19 she is 18. Iv noticed thatover the past 1.5 years iv been putting a lot more into the relationship than she does. She doesn't mean anything by it. She just never does anything that shows she wants me. I mean she will cook for me and what not but never tries to kiss me or snuggle. Even something like i always have to reach for her hand to hold hands. Just things like that. But i noticed when i am giving my attention to something else like metal working, video games pets or even just talking to someone else then she gets clingy. Also with sex. My whole 2.5 years with her iv kinda had to push for sex. She just never seems to want to. Randomly she asks to have sex and normaly im all excited but one night i said no. Iv never said no to sex with her before. Her face just went from trying to be sexy to almost hurt. It just shot her down. I just kept saying no to her. Over the past few days she's now been constantly trying to get me in bed with her. Very un like her to push for. So im wondering if the shear amount of attention im giving her is just destroying her drive to try to be close with me. Is giving your girlfriend too much attention a thing?


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  • Dude.. why?
    I mean the relationship must be 50-50
    Before i answer your questions please can you tell me your status right now?
    I mean are you mad at each other or not
    Are you going well or not
    How much you see each other?
    How much you call each other?
    Do you live near each other?

    • Ya, i see her all the time. She doesn't think anything is wrong. I talk to her about our problems but she never knows what to say or do and just hates herself. Then the next day she just seems to of forgoten about it. Almost like she ignores it hoping it will go away or something

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