What to do when you deal with a girl who has options?

So there's this girl that I'm very interested in. She is literally one of the cutest girls I've ever met. She also seems like a pretty nice and laid back person. However, she definitely seems like a girl with options and can date any guy she wants. And I'm not talking about douchebag because I don't think she's that kinda person. But even a nice guy who is probably also pretty good looking. I'm just an average looking dude so I'm kinda intimidated. She def gets hit on by a lot of guys and she has gone on many dates from what I heard from my friend so she KNOW she's hot and she has options. She's single right now and I think there are only two reasons why: 1. She's very VERY picky or 2. She doesn't want to date.

I would say 1 is the more likely reason. So to me, I'm like why even try because for me to go in there and try to ask her to hang out or on a date would just be another guy being interested in her like many others before me who have yet to succeed. To her i feel like it'll be like "ohh been there done that" kinda thing.


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  • If she doesn't want you then find someone who does!


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  • Just ask her. Maybe there's something about you that she thinks is cute... you don't know. Maybe she's only picky because the other guys were douche bags; maybe they were trying to get laid on those dates.

    Let's not assume she's a Goody-two-shoes either, maybe she's already been sleeping around with these guys and she's just cool with that lifestyle. Fact is, you'll never know unless you just talk to her. Go.


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  • Well, there are two basic thing s you can do. You can choose to exit in which case its better to do it sooner than later and get on with your next effort... or you can make yourself an option. There's no way to trick her into liking you, she either will or will not.

    Things aren't always what they seem so if she is single then put yourself out there and make sure she knows you are interested. Don't try the friendship route, that never works so If you're gonna go down, go down in flames.


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