My boyfriend loves my cat more than me, what should I do?

Okay. Today I came home from work and found my boyfriend sitting on the couch with my petting MY cat and eating MY icecream that i was saving for later! :( :( :( :( :( this really p! sses me off because he seems to love my cat more than he loves me. I'm going to take his key to my apartment so he can't randomly barge in and eat MY food and spend time with MY MR. NOODLES! What should I say to him? Should I break up with him or try to get him to pay more attention to me?


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    • please, i really need actual help!

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    • Well maybe u should ask HIM to pay more attention to u!

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  • You've got to be trolling... lol

    If you don't like him eating your food or coming by when you're not there or petting your cat (really?) then you need to tell him that... set boundaries. Maybe he misunderstood when you gave him a key and assumes it's OK to come over whenever and make himself at home. If that's not the case, tell him that.

    As for the fact that he seems to love your cat - HOW is that a problem? lol

    • Thanks I'll try that but no it's not a troll. I literally don't know what goes on in his head but I try to talk to him and he just nods his head and says "Uh huh" and acts like he doesn't even care! I've tried to talk to him but everytime I say "Hon we need to talk." He says he's busy or that he "actually need to be somewhere" and I'm just like, i want to meet new people to date, but If i dont break up with you, i can't meet new people to date!

    • Ok well if the REAL issur is that he doesn't listen when you want to talk then you've got a valid complaint. Sounds to me like you don't want to be in this relationship anymore so why don't you just break up

    • okay i will

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  • Are you seriously jealous of your cat? I'm thinking there's more to this.
    But Maybe if you got on all fours and rubbed up against his leg...

    • I try to talk to him about it but he alwasy says he doesn't have time or he has to go.

    • i thought this website was supposed to be helpful but people are being nothing but b*tches

    • I'm sorry but if you are so upset he's eating your food and touching your cat I think you should break up with him. I've never known someone to be so upset about their boyfriend eating their ice cream. Have you wondered to yourself why this is such a big deal to you? I'm trying to put myself in your shoes. I get home to find my boyfriend at my house waiting for me. Yay! He's eating some ice cream. Help yourself hunny you do so much for me. He's entertaining my cat. That's great cat was alone all day. what am I missing? He wasn't petting your roommate or sister or best friend. He was petting an animal. He wasn't pilfering through your wallet for your money. He was eating some ice cream. Send me your address and I'll mail you the $3 for the ice cream. I mean c'mon. You need to put things in perspective girl.

  • Start to love the cat.

    • I FREAKING LOVE MY CAT! I LOVE MY CAT A LOTTTTT!!! ^_^ He just likes that cat too much and doesn't pay any attention to me.

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