So I'm a freshman and I have a huge crush on a junior. He likes me too and tells me I'm pretty but I have no idea what to do?

So I'm a freshman and the other day a junior at my school posted anonymously (someone told me who it was) that he thought I was really pretty and he was flirting with me and I was flirting back. So when I asked him if it was him, he said no and I started saying that the guy that was hitting on me was creepy (bc it was anonymous). But now that I've seen him more around school, I have a huge crush on him. He's always looking at me and smiling and he's so cute and he gives me the butterflies. But I'm worried he doesn't like me anymore because I indirectly called him creepy. Also, a lot of people say that he's trouble but my friends are telling me to go for it. I'm worried that people will judge me for talking to/dating a junior and I just really don't know what to do
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  • What? Are you serious? No one will even remotely view you negatively for dating a Junior during your Freshman year. At my school that was the norm. Girls would ONLY date older boys when I was in school; dating boys their same age almost never happened. You should most definitely pursue him. I'm going to tell you a major secret now that us males don't want you girls to know about us, but is true nonetheless : In high school, even when it's a younger girl who we have a crush on, we are absolutely terrified of you girls. For all our teenage cockiness and immature bravado, deep down we are frightened of making the first move because our fragile egos can't withstand the possibility of being rejected by that girl. It's true. If you like him and you are reasonably sure he likes you also, then pursue him and you be the one to make the first move; he will be yours in no time. I guarantee it. He's acting strange around you now but it's definitely not due to you saying the message you know that he wrote to you was creepy. No, rather he denied writing it and is being more awkward around you now because he's afraid to put himself out there because he fears you don't share his same level of romantic interest, and is overwhelmed by the thought of being rejected by you. His feelings for you have not changed since you said the "mystery message" he wrote was creepy. He still likes you and would jump at the chance of being with you if he was certain you liked him also. He is not turned off by you after making that statement; he just doesn't have enough security in his own ability to get a girl due to his young age and limited dating experience. It takes time–a lot of time–for us males to develop a high enough self esteem & security in ourselves to be the one who pursues the girl. It's a scary thought at age 16-17 to put ourselves out there like that to a girl we like because the possibility of being turned down would shatter us. Let him know you like him now. If you are convinced he likes you in return, then you be the one to put yourself out there first. He. Will. Be. Ecstatic. To. Land. You.! I promise.


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  • He still likes you :) he probably thinks it's cute you called him that

    • Do you think people will judge me for being with a junior when I'm only a senior? I don't want people to get a bad impression of me

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  • One of my best guyfriends was a senior and his girlfriend a freshman and they are happy right now has out of school and she's a junior and they are STILL together, sometimes age really doesn't matter.

  • talk to him!


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