Should I ignore her/move on?

Long story short:
I have a crush on a girl. I confessed it to her long back, said she was okay with it. Went to a dance date too, so I thought she might take things seriously. However it has been downhill since then, she almost never tries to initiate a conversation, nor hang out with me in particular.
From time to time, I still drop hints that I really like her. But she always seems too busy with her friends or has little to say when we get time together. I still haven't seen any strong indication from her side that she too likes me back. The feedback is making me more distanced from her. Today she even mocked my feelings for her on a post reply online (on FB), not in a crude negative way but like "aww... -_- "
Should I just stop trying to interact with her? Just long enough that she tries to initiate a good conversation?
Or should I just forget her and move on? (Would be really sad but then again, nothing positive happening for me right now...)
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Forgot to add this, we have some common friends so would it be awkward for me to talk to our common friends after taking the step?


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  • Never value someone who doesn't value you or your love... move on... you shall find a better girl soon enough :)

    • Not really confident about that, but then again I'm still young. Haven't been lucky in getting a girl to like me, especially with the bad acne scars on my face.
      I just feel sad that I couldn't do much about it. :/

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    • And your thoughts on the update ( see question update)?

    • No not all... why awkward for you... talk only to those who don't act like stupid people... or don't make you feel awkward man... behave like nothing happened :)

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  • Voted B. If you are making all these efforts but she isn't reciprocating, it's pretty clear that she does not like you, but is stringing you along by not explicitly rejecting you. Forget about her, you deserve better.

    • Thought about it, just needed opinions. Never thought that one day I'd have to ask the same questions others ask on GAG :/
      Thanks for your opinion, and the majority as of now are voting B.

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    • भाई होते हैं एक दुसरे के सहारे के लिए
      (assuming you can read Hindi)

    • I can read Hindi, but can't understand it before because I'm a South Indian! But yeah, it's fine! 😊

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  • Even though you may share 'Some common friends,' doesn't mean you Need to 'Share' anything else with her, especially the way she is treating you, and it is not like a lady.
    Move on from her. She has given enough helpful hints with no hymning nor hawing, that you are not on her list of top priorities.
    And when you are all hanging, her as well, just pretend that she is one of the Gang and No.. Gain.
    Good luck. xx

  • I think you should forget about her and move on, if she isn't bothering to start a conversation with you and you're having to do all the work then i wouldn't see any point in going further, find someone better and someone who will actually value your time.

  • Move on find someone that likes you too. That will care for you and will try to make you happy. Not some that mocks ur feelings.

    • it wouldn't be awk because you can talk to whoever u want. ur not force to talk to her.

    • you need positive people in ur life not those that make u feel awk but those who bring out the best in u.

    • Thank you. I was inactive because of bad waterworks for a short period of time XD

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