Awkward Hug - How bad have I messed up?

Okay, so basically i have no idea of relationships and I like this girl. My mate told her that I liked her and she seemed cool with it and it was going pretty well and she liked me back a bit. So she went to hug me when I had to leave, but i went for the awkward pat hug and now she's just being a bit blunt and doesn't seem to be putting as much effort in and sometimes ignores my texts? We're going on a date on Friday, but how bad have I messed up basically and can I redeem myself?
I dont know if she sees it as a date or not? I asked her she wants anyone else to come and she said its up to you so I said no. Im paying for it all and also its on my birthday on Friday if that affects anything?


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  • I'm sorry but if she's like that at all on the date you've lost her. Girls make up our minds quick and if there wasn't much there to begin with and something gets weird its going to stay weird for her because there is not much to compare it to. But good luck I hope she's nothing like me and gets over it

    • aww thankyou, well I better make a good impression then :/

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  • Is she really acting that way for just an awkward hug?

    The hug was obviously awkward because you both knew there was a question

    Just message her saying 'still up for the date on friday?'

    And after she says yes say 'I'm looking forward to it'

    She probably thinks you don't like her

    • Yeah cheers, and probably. My mate who told her I liked her is a bit of a dick sometimes so she probably thinks he was just saying it. Im pretty sure its a date, but we didn't arrange it as a 'date' I just asked her out to the cinema and for a meal. I don't know if she thinks its a date or not...

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    • Ahh right okay and yeah I do :) Thanks for all this man. Haha I usually think awkward stuff is cute tbh so I don't know ://

    • Anytime bro :)

      And I love feeling stuff like awkwardness, shyness and all that because it's a very humanly thing to feel even though the world is trying to desensitise us in a certain way ahah

      Also shows how much you like that person :)

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  • Don't worry about it๐Ÿ˜‚ it's only a hug

    • Haha cheers and okayy :))

  • She probably just doesn't know where you guys stand right now. Make sure you tell her how excited you are for your date (I would even text her right now). If you give her your full attention and make it obvious you like her, all will be forgiven.


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  • You can redeem yourself with a nice warm hug after your date on Friday. I think the pat hug made her take a step back but she is still interested since she is going on the date still.

  • Dude, if a girl's opinion of you changes after one unsuccessful hug, she's not worth it anyway.


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