Does anyone else agree dating "coaches" are scam artists?

They have all this great "advice" and tell you about the social "dynamics" of how people interact with each other. It looks good on paper but it's all a hoax. They just want to scam you for money. There is no "game" or "skill" in getting a girlfriend/boyfriend, or getting laid for that matter. It's pretty much luck: You're either rich and good looking or ugly and broke. It's as simple as that. It hurts both genders (the money part mainly hurts men.) Why does anyone trust these people?
Yes, dating coaches are scam artists
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No, dating coaches are legit
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It depends on the dating coach
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Dating coaches aren't scam artists but they're useless.
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They're legit for men; not legit for women
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They're legit for women; not for men
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Does anyone else agree dating "coaches" are scam artists?
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