Should I give my crush another chance after they disrespected me?

I have a crush on this guy , at first I wasn't interested in him and didn't care much for him , one they he came up to me and started asking me things about my outfit we had met two weeks before that and he didn't say anything to me then out of the blue he starts talking to me. I have texted him a few times on the phone but I have to start all the texts he never textes me on his own I only text him once every two weeks. a month later we run into each other in person and that's when he asks me if I would like to have lunch with him we eat lunch and he asks me more about myself like about my family and other stuff . That's when I told him about my dad and he jokes and said " Well that's one parent I can get along with " I didn't say anything or know how to respond so I just laughed. Come last week I ask him if he wants to hang out sometime , he texts me back asking if i want to join him and his friends and tells me where he wants to meet but says that he can only drive me there but can't give me a ride back. I had forgotten that I promised my dad that I was going to go with him to an even and told my crush that and ask if I could reschedule another time that's when he flat out ignored me and never answered my text. I have not texted him back Since Yesterday my roommate who is friends with my crush sees him at a volunteering event. I couldn't go because I had to work my crush asks him where I was and said that he was incharge of signing people up and wrote his number down and told him to give it to me so he can sign me up on to volunteer for the event He said that everyone who wants to volunteer has to call him. I still have strong feelings for my crush but I want to stay away from him because he hurt me and I want to heal and move on but part of me still wants to be with my crush what should I do give him another chance or move on? I'm wondering if i should call but I'm planning on
Keep avoiding him
Give him another chance
Keep avoiding him and date other men
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Should I give my crush another chance after they disrespected me?
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