Should I not forgive my crush after this?

The girl I liked has been friendly towards other colleagues. Once a group of girls called me pretty in front of my crush and she teased and was like “that was nice”.
I used to text a guy I dated at work and mention him. Once I came into work irritable and she asked me what was wrong and why I wasn’t talking and I could tell her. She asked me twice. I always talk to this one coworker and once I caught her glaring at us and another time she asked if something was what her and I had been talking about. She’s told one “congrats pretty girl” and that bothered me but they have a sisterly thing. The other girl had a boyfriend.
She started telling the other managers about me calling my boyfriend even after closing hours and clocking out. She told me to hangup. I would talk about him a lot which I regret. I was super mad at her for a while.
Once I hinted I was going to hangout with him after work and said how he paid for some of my stuff and my crush looked awkward. She was showing another coworker who I had been talking to a pic of a life size doll and she said it was the same size as (my name ) then laughed and came over and touched my arm.
She got a promotion at another job so she left.

She handed me boxes and told me she was giving presents to me because she cared about me.

I told her to stop singing and she said she was gonna come over to my place late at night and sing me to sleep.

My last day seeing her she told another coworker that she wanted to take a pic with me. She wanted to take an individual pic with everyone even me but she told a work friend she thinks I hate her.

We took a pic and she grabbed my waist and hugged me close to her. We’re chest to chest. She sent her pics with 5 other people and in all of them she just had her arm around them. Nothing like ours. There’s like 20 other coworkers and she didn’t send any of theirs either. Including ours.
She left the work groupchat and it’s been a week. Did I give her the wrong idea?
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I honestly don’t think I did anything wrong. She was wrong for telling on me about my phone and doing her job but later regretted it which is what is so confusing
Should I not forgive my crush after this?
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