My Boyfriend Has a "Crush" on another girl? That isn't normal is it?

So my boyfriend and I took about a month or a month 1/2 long break because he was feeling overwhelmed and I was annoyed with him for not "trying" to make it work or being thoughtful. After some space, he explained he was scared of all the responsibilities of having a girlfriend and he felt guilty for not being there when I was there for his response was to go and hide. He said he thought someone would be better for me. Then realized what a mistake he'd made. I told him I forgave him but we should take things slow. During the reconciliation process he seemed to not want to be in a committed relationship he kept suggesting that we sort of go back to a casual relationship like when we we first dated, I asked him if this because he was interested in someone else, he said "no" if he weren't with me, he'd want to be single and he kept talking about that point in our relationship because we'd both been really happy (which is true) and he figured once we rekindled our relationship/started over the foundation for our actual relationship would be better. So we decided on a monogamous casual relationship, basically us "getting to know each other again" with less stress and emotional drama.

So here's the problem, while we were talking he blurted out that while we were on break, he had thought he was over me and he had been interested in one of his not so friends (she's a girl) and thought he "might like her" . When I asked him for specifics, He said "she's funny and awesome to be around but has some habits like not communicating and being moody that I doesn't like" I asked if he was attracted to her and he said "Kind of but not the way I'm attracted to you, I love you and I thought I was over you and was really hurt, and so I started wondering but I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with her, I'd get tired of her and we are both completely in each others' friend zones and she's not as awesome as you are" He didn't openly admit it but, I think he had a "dream" about her if you get what I mean.

Of course this annoyed me. But he also said he's never texted her or called her, or told her about his possible feelings or even seeks out her company, they only chat casually in social settings. I'm just really suspicious. I know he hasn't done anything with her...yet. He also said that he's trying to forget her and get over this "stupid thing" (he won't even call it a crush) and doesn't want to talk about it. Since we've been back together he's been very sweet and affectionate and said he loves me and wants everything to work, When I asked him why he didn't just get over it when we got back together he said "you just can't switch off feelings, I'm sorry. I love you and want to be with you"

So do you believe him? Or am I overreacting?
My Boyfriend Has a "Crush" on another girl? That isn't normal is it?
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