Does he have Aspergers and how should I get close to him? HELP, I couldn't forget this guy.

Aspergers syndrome is a form of high functioning autism. He never declared he has it and he might not even be aware that he's behavior fits the profile of an Aspie.. I can't know he is one. =/

HOW HE ACTS: He almost never talks to people and stays away from the crowd by himself unless he can talk about school. Then he starts talking so much you can't stop him. He is really intelligent and is able to correct our physics teacher in class. He won first places in numerous physics and math competitions. He tends to fidget in one place for incredibly long time. Sometimes he sounds odd when he talks. Pauses and uses unusual words. When he sets he's mind to do something he can spend hours in he's own bubble. He never gets sarcasm and most humor. He avoids eye contact and all forms of touching with anyone. No one can read he's handwriting and some other things.

MY STORY... WHY? When we first met in school I was the second best in my class... (he is first)

I was impressed by him right away, not to mention this guy seemed so cold and weird, yet he's actions proved different. He tended to be brutally honest which was refreshing, but he was also kind to those who needed him.

For some reason I became the ONLY person he spent time with. He followed me around and sometimes he would look at me and smile very brightly, then turn away and make a serious face like nothing happened. He would talk about physics and math a lot. Even though I'm very good I would lose him eventually which followed silence and he's refusal to talk about something else. Sometimes we did, but rarely. Eventually I started crushing on him... -_- yeah...

I wanted to touch him, but he pulled away. I wanted to make him laugh but he didn't flinch. I wanted to see he's eyes, but he looked down. Eventually I asked him to help me with something and in front of everyone he said I was stupid not to remember it because he already mentioned it yesterday and people laughed.Later he stared at me. But I left and he never followed. He never said sorry.

I ran away... Almost in tears, trying to understand why would he say something like that. I never talked to him after that, but I couldn't shake the feeling of love/crush?. I want to be near him so bad.

I told myself he is a weird jerk and he doesn't give a damn about me until I I heard about Aspergers and started considering the possibility.

I WAS the only one he accepted after all. Maybe, if he does have it, I should stop being angry with him. Maybe he doesn't hate me. I don't hate him, and it hurts me to feel this way.

Does anyone have any experience with Aspergers?

Are people who have it able to love?

What do you think he thinks about me, judging by my story?

Should I forgive him, would that change anything?

Was he trying to hurt me?
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It might be my "pride", my shyness, he's shyness, or he's resentment. I don't know.

All I know is that he is so far away right now and whenever I see him so alone, cold to everyone ,isolated and avoiding me, my chest hurts. =(
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If you have any new advice, please don't hesitate because the question is old.

I'm also shy, and this remains a problem for me. This space between us keeps getting bigger and bigger and I feel as if he is really starting to hate me.

Does he have Aspergers and how should I get close to him? HELP, I couldn't forget this guy.
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