Will she forgive me?

I think I have been rude to my crush (coworker) I criticized her way of thinking, well I didn't mean to offend her and hurt her though, and she isn't accepting my apology until now. Which I don't know why she exaggerates too much. In my pov, it was just a small misunderstanding. I apologized but she left me high and dry.

Then I apologized again after 2 weeks of no contact, she replied that she isn't angry with me, just disappointed with me, she doesn't feel comfortable with me anymore, then she said I can move on now (she ever came back to me after she rejected me and asked me to not move on and she asked for the 2nd chance to know me better)
In the end she said she cares for me and wants me to be happy, that's why she told me to move on now and she won't ever ask me to wait for her again.

Well I took it as she asked me to leave and asked me to disappear from her life.
Should I contact her again sometimes or it's better to move on and walk away? Thanks.
Will she forgive me?
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