My boyfriend is a "ladies man"?

Don't over think the title please. He's not a player or anything like that. He's never cheated on me and we have been together for five years. He's always quick to talk about me and tell everyone we are dating and that he is going to marry me one day.
However, ladies flock him. Even while knowing that we are together. They will openly flirt with me standing right there (touching his arm while laughing, complimenting him, winking at him, saying things like "Its a shame you're taken. I wonder if she knows how lucky she is.") Women are always seeking him out on social medias and will go out of their way to come to our business (we own our own business together). I haven't addressed these issues too often because frankly, he isn't doing anything wrong. We are always together so I know that he isn't out leading these girls to believe that they could be "more" and he's hardly ever on his phone. So I know he isn't hiding anything. He's very open and honest with me. Sometimes he's too honest. Like he will tell me if he found one of the women in our store attractive or not.
We have a damn near perfect relationship. We cook dinner together every night. We have two children and we go out on family outings every weekend. Our sex life is fantastic and very healthy (we have sex at least 3-5 times a week). We are always showing each other off and we both get along very well with our in laws. We almost never argue. Honestly, it seems to good to be true sometimes. I really hit the jack pot with him and we both couldn't be happier.
However, these women do get under my skin sometimes. And I am afraid for what the future may bring. Reason I say this is because my boyfriend who is almost never stressed is starting to get frustrated and somewhat hostile to these women's advances. Mainly our regulars who seem to get more disrespectful every time they come in. What can I do? Not only to help myself overcome the insecurities but help his frustration as well?
My boyfriend is a "ladies man"?
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