If your boyfriend had a headache and said he couldn't hang out?

he couldn't hang out but he was on Facebook at 11 pm would you be suspicious? or just assume he took some meds, maybe took a shower but just wasn't going to bed yet.

or that he lied.


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  • How would that suggest he lied? He had a headache. That's not THAT bad, certainly not so bad that you need to sleep through it. I only did that for the first few days after having my appendix taken out. I was constantly drugged up, but still in enough pain that I slept like 18 hours a day.

    I have a cold, and I told my friends I didn't feel up to hanging out today. I stayed home. I feel like crap, but I'm not completely incapable of doing anything. I did some things around the house, cooked dinner, among other things, but I don't feel like seeing anyone. And now it's 3 am, I'm curled up in bed with my laptop, and look where I am. Online. Being online doesn't take a whole lot of energy, nor do I see how it would aggravate a headache. Plus some people just habitually check all their online accounts before going to bed. That's basically what I'm doing. You shouldn't just assume that he lied. I don't see what the problem is.


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  • He was on the computer. Its not like he was out with other people and didn't tell you about it.


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  • You serious?

    He has a headache, he is not dying ! he can't go out because he is not feeling well, that doesn't mean he is not capable of doing stuff.

    He wants to be on Facebook while he is relaxing at home, that's his thing, so what?

    as long as he didn't go out with other people and lied to you about it then you don't have the right to question every little thing he does.

    He did not lie, he was on Facebook because he is at home and he wants to. its not that big of a deal.

  • he had a headache and they don't last all day. what would you rather him being on Facebook or him out partying. And he didn't lie

    • Yeah plus 11 pm isn't exactly late compared to when he and I stay up til 3 am. I guess I over reacted

  • i would assume he lied lolz

    but that's jus me :D

    it could very easily b that his headache went away

    • Well I guess I also have to assume if he had a headache he went to sleep

      not watched a movie or listened to music.

      its just I can't date a liar so this might be the end of it

    • Woah... He was just on the computer.. Don't end it over something like this... It's not like he went out with 5 girls instead of going on a date with you.