Key To Sexual Tension During the Date to Avoid Platonic Vibe?

Need some help improving my game when it comes to sexual tension. I can get the dates and numbers. However, I realized I have very little to no sexual tension to throw out on the date. It's almost like I treat them as a friend, which leads to friend zone unless the girl is really attracted. What are some examples of sexual tension and when can they be used?


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  • girls will give some very strong signals if they're attracted to you. they'll run their fingers through their hair a lot, lick their lips, play with something cylindrical (seriously) like a glass, cross and uncross their legs, and gaze into your eyes with noticeably widened pupils. so here's what you do... say you're at a bar or something. invade her space just a little. if she leans away from you, she's not into it. if she's into it, she lean closer. but DON'T kiss her yet. just stand slightly too close and maybe put your hand on her lower back so you can lean in and ask her a question. speak quietly if you can, so she has to listen very carefully. and if you've got the balls, let your lips brush her ear.


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  • Subtle touching. Maintained eye contact. Just telling them they look pretty (not in a creepy way though). Deffo the subtle/gentle touching though, as you're both walking out of the place for example, you're hand gently (barely touching) round the waist, when chatting hands gently touching the leg. Stuff like that :)

  • Loom over their shoulder at awkward moments.
    Stare directly into their eyes and breathe heavily.

    • Record conversations and play it back to her, that's romantic right?


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    • @ConsultantIsBack LOL! Yes. xD

    • Look, just look her in the eye, slide on up to her all smooth like, hand her a drink and be blunt about what you're after.
      Just be like, "If I asked you to have sex with me, would the answer to that be the same as the answer to this question?" Bam. Instant tension, and now she knows what you want, and you've trapped her.

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  • You need to compliment her, start with light touches and escelate, tease her, joke about the date like when you say something stupid or do something stupid jokingly blame her because she's too pretty and made you nervous, just have fun man and don't take yourself or her seriously.


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