She never wants to facetime, what should I do?

I really want to facetime this girl I've been talking to for about a week and every time I ask her she comes up with some excuse not to facetime like she's watching a movie and she doesn't even know the name too. And then she says sorry. But I know she's not doing anything because I asked her, so should I ask her to facetime again? What should I do?


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  • I think she's camera shy. I only facetime with really close friends and even then I keep my face out of the camera. I hate being on camera. My face always looks weird. Just try texting her or just call her instead. I'm sure she's not trying to be a bitch, I think she's just afraid.


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  • Women are always playing some shitty mind games. Sounds like a real bitch to me... stay safe!


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  • I hate showing my face on camera, I really don't like face timing not even to my family. Text her instead, or maybe an audio face time, most girls don't like faceime, especially if they don't look good that day.


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