Seniors have sex with freshmen?

There's this girl in my class I don't know her name but i know she's either 13 or 14.. she's young
some senior came up and argued with her over something i didn't hear, when she came back to my table she said she was going to get mad if he hit her, and she called her brother

when she got off the phone i asked if she was ok and she said
"yeah he's just mad because i didn't let him fuck me yet"

My eyes got big and i was like is he even a freshman? she said no he's a senior and now he's my ex..
i was like wow... really this guy looks and probably is almost 19 years old dating a small 13 or 14 year old... talking about sex? i can tell why he wanted her even though she looks young in the face her body has matured... . . . . . .. .. . . . . ... ... but still.. isn't he too old?


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  • I'm saying yes he's too old to be with a 14 year old. Now my answer would be different if she was at least 17 and he was 22. I wouldn't approve but by then she's old enough to know what to do with her body.

  • yeah. Its illegal. Dont understand why guys go after young teens. Is there really nobody your own age?

  • Way too old in my opinion.


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