Is this considered "two-timing"?

So I'm in college. I met both of these guys about a month ago. One in person, the other through tinder. They both go to my school. One guy I have met for coffee/hang out at our places twice for a couple of hours in the last 2 weeks. He said we should have dinner sometime this week, so it seems like it's becoming more.

then the dude I met from tinder is super into me sexually. He seems into me else wise too but I can tell he confuses sexual love with romantic love. We've made out twice and he is like really wanting sex, which I am going to refrain from for quite so time. If I ever do with him at all that is. He asks me out more.

I feel guilty.. Last night I had a hang out or whatever you want to call it with guy one, and I had an obnoxious hickey on my neck that I had to hide that was from the other guy. I know which one I like more but I enjoy seeing them both right now. Is this wrong?
Is this considered "two-timing"?
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