She rejected me but still wants to talk? please read?

Some of you are gonna immediately say "Well I guess she wants to be your friend", I dont think thats the case. please read this and give me your honest opinion.

This new cute cashier started working at my job. She's 17 (turning 18 soon) and I just turned 21. I have never had this kind of attention from a girl ever, but when she started working there she was always immediately happy to see me and asked me for my name when she first started. For the next couple weeks i casually chatted with her on and off and still... keep in mind i still barely talked to her and she was still SO HAPPY to see me.

i finally asked for her number, just upfront asked her for it and she had a huge smile and gave it to me. We've been texting non stop for the past couple weeks, and at work we just have amazing chemistry. You know when you make eye contact with someone of the opposite sex and you both smile at the same time? Yeah, that happened a couple times :) She even once hung out with her on my break when i made a joke about how she should join me when she goes on break.

over text (wasnt gonna see her at work for awhile) i just upfront told her how i feel and asked her on a date. she was ranting over multiple texts that something is going on in her life and she's annoyed and frustrated and its super complicated, and its causing her to not date. i said "okay then, well be honest with me, do you even like me back? i dont feel like just another guy hitting on you because i feel like we actually have something there" and she said again "this is so complicated. im sorry i dont like you like that. i just want friends"

i purposly didn't text her the next morning as usual, and was waiting on her to initiate contact after that night. she finally did 3 days later, she direct sent me a cute selfie over snapchat (something she's done before) and she tried to start a conversation but I don't know what to do anymore..
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  • Go to her direct and tell her you cannot talk to her, because you still have feelings for her and her talking to you isn't gonna let them go away.
    Sometimes the best way to get attention is to not give any.

    • "Sometimes the best way to get attention is to not give any. "

      very good quote. and surely she'll notice since she's used to talking to me everyday.

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  • I would take a step back if I were you... for now.

    She clearly told you... twice... that she can't get involved. That doesn't mean she doesn't like you but clearly something is going on where she can't get involved. Could be another guy, could be an Ex, could be her parents, but something is a problem in her life right now. Believe her. And respect her choice.

    And if you try to find out what it is that is "complicated" for her, do it in person. Do not do it in texts.

  • Bro... one thing is for sure...
    There definitely some other GUY in the picture...
    maybe she likes some other guy... and is confused between him and u...
    but to be honest bro... stop talking to her... ur obviously in the friend zone...
    stop talking to her... if she wants to talk to u... she will... otherwise move on to next girl...

  • Stay away from the bitch


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