What do you say/do if your boyfriend drunkenly tells you he loves you?

I have only been dating my boyfriend since Halloween. he's the roommate/friend of one of my best friends. He is amazing and funny and makes me very happy. We are both in university. The night before he texted me telling me that he loves me, and then sent one immediately afterwards saying that he loves people like me. Once I asked what he meant, he said that he had accidentally told me he loved me over text and had to correct it. He was drunk last night. Tonight, he went to a friends party and called me drunk. He told me he loved me. He was coming over tonight to stay, because we have a dinner with my parents we are going to. He again told me he loved me. I told him he was drunk and should go to bed.

I have no idea how to respend to a drunk boyfriend telling you he loves you when he has never said that sober. What would be an appropriate way to respond, or guys how would you prefer a girl to respond if you did this? Obviously I love him and if he had soberly said that to me, I would have told him that, but he was drunk and his thinking was hindered.


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  • Yes. I would say "Love you too"

    I've never gotten the big deal with the 'L' word.
    I use it willy nilly.

    • Thats the thing, he doesn't use it often.

      I tell my friends I love them and my parents, but I won't tell a guy I love him if I don't.

    • Well considering he is drunk I wouldn't think much of it.
      While drunk I've told guys I love them. But once again maybe that's just me. =/

    • He has a habit of texting or calling me and telling me to go where ever he is when he is drunk.

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  • I would think its cute and I wouldn't say it back and I wouldn't make it weird the next day lol


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  • if he says so when drunk, tell him you will talk about it later..
    if he tells u so while sober, then perhaps he is sincere..

    • Oh I don't think he's not sincere, I know he is, sober or drunk, He's never really had many girlfriends. He was waiting for the right girl to have sex with, and apparently that was me, since we have had sex. I know he is sincere, I just didn't know what to say so I didn't hurt his feelings. I didn't want to dismiss him entirely, but I did want to let him know that anything he says while drunk I'm not really going to take too deeply.

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    • I do love him, so thats not an issue. I don't plan on friendzoning him :P

    • hehe.. he has better luck than me then..

  • drunken thoughts are the true thoughts of shy people!


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