Is having a territorial girlfriend a good thing?

My girlfriend is territorial and we had the conversations people will turn our heads and well think how attractive they are but I won't act on another girl and she won't act on another guy. Today while with my girlfriend at the study lounge a group girls who live down the hall from me in my apartment complex/ dorm said I to me and asked if that is my girlfriend and I introduced her to them and the second they were out of hearing distance she said she doesn't like the look one of then gave me and I didn't know how to react. I could think wow she really likes me and wants me or she doesn't trust other women or myself.


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  • Yes and no. It can be good if she can control herself and it means she wants you all to herself. You see I'm like this with my boyfriend and I always tell him " I trust you completely, it's the girls I don't trust" Your girlfriend is probably the same

    • I don't see girls as predators as much as guys lol. I knkw and even am friends with guys who brag about sleeping with women with BF's but wlmennseem to have more natural respect for relationships.

    • Women seem.

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  • I see jealousy as endearing. It means she loves me and wants me for herself. I don't see it as a lack of trust like most people do. To me, jealousy is a normal emotion, so quite frankly i don't blame her for feeling it.

    Idc if she gets jealous sometimes, so long as she expresses it to me in a calm, collected way, rather than yelling at me and accusing me.


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