Why dont more girls pursue attractive guys themselves?

I'm a pretty quiet guy, when I get talking I can be outgoing, and I'm pretty friendly, but I am just not much of a talker. That being said, I dont really approach women much, cause they expect you to talk if you are approaching, and I've found in past experiences I can't really force myself to talk. That being said I have been told countless times by women that I am a really "cute" guy, they say that they would expect someone like me to have a really gorgeous girlfriend, but I guess because I dont really pursue girls much on my own i haven't gotten that gorgeous girlfriend yet. I always hope girls would come talk to me though, after all, attractive women are always approached by guys, I figured a "cute" guy like myself would get more direct girls talking to me, but that has not been the case. I can only think of 2 girls in my life that came up to me out of the blue and clearly displayed interest in me. 1 purely wanted sex though (not a long term relationship, which is what I want), and the other was crazy so I turned down both girls. But why dont I get more girls approaching me, I mean I dont bite, I'm a nice guy, I just want some interest in me, and I want that nice girlfriend. Girls: What would stop you from approaching a cute guy?
Why dont more girls pursue attractive guys themselves?
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