Is he uninterested or oblivious?

My best friend lives with a few other students, one of which is this boy who I get along with fantastically. We met a few months ago when I went up to visit her and I have spent several weeks off and on at their house, so we've had the chance to really get to know each other. He makes me laugh constantly and we can talk about games or movies, etc for hours.

One of the first times I stayed there, he invited me to watch a movie in his room and we ended up spending the night together, although we only fooled around and made out and cuddled before eventually sleeping, with me wearing his tshirt (and when i told him I'd probably steal it, he said "go for it.")

We didn't speak about it except for a quick snapchat that I sent of the bruises he had left on me, but the night went really well and I felt super comfortable with him. The next time I was up, I expected to actually hook up with him - and was pretty disappointed when he didn't make any move.

We haven't been snapchatting/texting as much since then, and I was worried, but he's still the same towards me in person, and its running me hot and cold. Sometimes he seems flirty and interested, and then he'll go three days without talking to me.

I'll be moving there after the holidays, so we'll be seeing a lot more of each other, and I do plan to ask him to chill, but I wanted to get some opinions in the meantime.

A mutual friend who also lives there told me that she thinks he's just oblivious, and I do agree that he isn't the kind of guy to fuck and chuck (pardon my language) or to play me, but I'm incredibly confused by his intentions. I know that he hasn't had a girlfriend or even a friends with benefits in at least a year, possibly two, so could he just be shy? I really like this guy, but I also don't want to get played. A one night stand is one thing, but holding my hand and rubbing my back while I fall asleep in your bed is another!
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Is he uninterested or oblivious?
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