My boyfriend is mad after having to pay $40 for my ticket?

So my boyfriend was supposed to be going to a music fest with just his married friend but the married friends wife decided to go for Sat so they my guy asked me to go that same day at brunch. He said to scalp one would be $150 based on the prior day but I knew it would be higher so I took an extra $100 in cash. all offers were around $300 and. I said I would get more cash but he said he had cash and we paid $290 to a scalper. I said I'll pay you back and a week later I paid for dinner as I often do.

He seemed to think this wasn't enough but didn't say. I make a good living but he makes twice as much and his ticket was FREE from his friend. He make six figures. These tickets are $500 for three days and I paid tons for one to be with him when I didn't want to go.

I pay more in our relationship but at home. I cook for us most nights. I have a backed Mac and cheese that costs $50 to make because gourmet cheese is expensive. I cook for his friends, I but nice clothes. I make him steak or seafood but he wants me to pay half he time when we eat out. I'm not cheap o don't argue about money but I hate him thinking I'm not carrying my weight. i spend $300 a week cooking for us. On his birthday I took him out and the bill was $500 after tip.

But it when we went to a cheaper place and I insisted on paying saying I still owed him $40 from the ticket he got mad. Why?

he doesn't have money problems and I pay way more than he does money wise and interval wise. He hates women that 'use him for money'. But while he isn't using me he takes advantage. He tells his friends I don't pay enough. I pay when it's my idea and expensive. If it's his idea with his friends I let him pay.

But it it has gotten so bad recently I did an itemized rundown on my own not taking to him of bills and I pay 2.5 as much as him. He pays for ubers, dying flowers, theatre tickets and sometimes drinks. I stick my house with his expensive beers, my wine and feed him cuisine food 4 nights. My grocery bill is over $1,000 per month for us. Why are men this way?

My boyfriend is mad after having to pay $40 for my ticket?
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