His friend/co-worker super liked me on Tinder? Help?

Short description: I met this guy (let's call him Dave) on tinder months ago. we've been hanging out and talking for a while and we've been on a few dates. Things are just casual.

Since we've met each other on tinder we weren't really talking to many other people. However, we aren't exclusive so we still have our tinder accounts, but niether of us have used them often since we met.

Well just YESTERDAY Dave messaged me on tinder because he got a new phone and needed my number again and that's the only way he could contact me. I did update my profile over a month ago, but I haven't been on there since and I haven't talked to any guys.

TODAY I got a super like from who I assume is his friend/co-worker. Dave never introduced me to him, but they work at the same place, live in the same town, and they have each other added on Facebook so I assume this is his friend.

Is is this some joke? Or is Dave trying to check up on me or something? why would his friend coincidentally try to match with me on tinder right after Dave messaged me the day before?


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  • I think Dave is trying to test you out. That is why he had his friend match up with you to see if you would talk to him or not.


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