I just had sex with my sister's boyfriend!

MY sister and her boyfriend dated for 7 years, but they broke up 1 year ago, and I saw him at Starbucks, and she wanted to sit down and talk one thing led to another and we were back his house. We've been seeing each other secretly for about 2 months, recently my sister spoke to me and ask my for advice on how she wants to talk to him again... what do I do?

Hey guys, thanks for all the advice :)

I told my sister, she cried but we both realized our relationship is more important than him I also broke it off with him and she also realized he's not worth it if he was f***ing with me AND other girls aswell


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  • I don`t think you should keep seeing him. It could really hurt your relationship with your sister.

    I have a sister, and we`re really close, and if she slept with someone who she knew I was interested in (especially actually dated and wanted to reunite with) I would feel very betrayed and resentful. I would see it as a selfish and uncaring act on her part, and while I would learn to forgive her I would never again trust her unconditionally in the same way.

    If you value your relationship with your sister, you should do whatever is necessary to resist temptation. You can always find another guy. This one is your sister`s, and not yours.

    If you choose to end things with him and are able to break it off cleanly, I would say you should not tell your sister because it could cause pointless tension between you. As long as there is no danger of you dong things with him again, what she doesn`t know won`t hurt her. There`s no need to damage your relationship with her over one mistake that is now resolved.

    Although if you think it will haunt you until you confess to her, sooner is probably better than later.


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  • I would be honest with your sister. Chances are she is going to find out sooner or later. Better she hears it from you than him or someone else entirely.

  • You are now in a very difficult situation. She will find out someway or another. If you tell her yourself, there is a chance that you can still see this guy for awhile. She might be mad at you for awhile, but your sisters, you can get thru it. If she finds out from him or someone else, she's going to be a lot more hurt. And probably make it a point to end you and that guy.

  • UNDER 18

    EL OH EL!

    you young kids are already going through some SERIOUS sh!t aha =)


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  • Instead of worrying about grown men why don't you focus on keeping your legs closed. Just because your sister and ex. boyfriend are seperated doesn't give you the right to sleep with him. This shows you have no respect for her nor do you have any for yourself. Either you confess your wrong doings or she will find out one way or another (which will make her resent you even more). What is done in the darkness will come to light. I stand firmly behind this statement because it is very true.

    Your sister obviously loves you and values your imput if she is going to you for advice. It is a shame that you have betrayed her in one of the worst ways.

    If you were interested in him when they broke up...the right thing to do would have been to ask your sister if it was okay but you didn't.

  • i tried to look at this positively but it seems like you and your sister are somewhat close so how could you do that to her. especially since she has dated him for seven years your supposed to be supporting her not going behind her back and f***ing her ex. I'm sure you and him are just crushing, and no offense I'm sure he's just using you as rebound because obviously he's not going to be over a seven year relationship in two months. he's using you whether you want to see it or not. your going to feel horrible when she's breaking down because her own sister could do something like that to her. I would be a little more sympathetic on your part if it was a one night fling and you feel horrible but secretly seeing him for two months is wrong at least this early on in the break up.

  • First off, it is SOOO wrong for you to be having sex with this boy. He is your sister's ex boyfriend, which she dated for 7 YEARS.

    You need to tell her the truth, because if she finds out later on it will only be worse.