Do you think men win the dating game?

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  • Meh... As one of the single women in her 30s that the manosphere loves to hate... I can assure you that my issues are much deeper than being too picky or putting my career first. Most of my friends have men AND jobs. I have mental illness and emotional baggage from serious childhood issues... My story looks one way on the surface, but is actually something else. I think that's the case quite often, honestly. People just don't have the genes or backstory to put them into marital bliss... Which simply being married doesn't ensure.

    Also, I'm actually know a man with manosphere attitudes. He's a civil engineer (why so many mean spirited engineers?) and thought women should be more submissive and obedient to him than his Anerican girlfriends had been. So he got himself a much younger Russian bride. Turn out, he hates her too... Like I said, genes and backstory...


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  • Women never lose the dating game or sex game. sex game because they can cry rape if the sex was bad and ruin the guys reputation even if he isn't arrested.

    • Not what article is about

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