When talking to partner feels like a "chore"?

Me and my boyfriend are going through a rough patch in our relationship right now. We have been together for almost 3 years and he feels as though our relationship isn't exciting or passionate anymore. I'm trying to be understanding since I have had moments where I felt this way as well but I know relationships have their lulls and highs, and I also know once you're out of the honey moon phase things settle down a bit. But then he told me that lately he feels like its a chore to see me or talk to me, and I felt like that part really hurt because honestly we don't talk that much as it is since he works like 70 hours a week. Even though things sometimes aren't very exciting, I have always felt like I still wanted to talk to him or see him if I could. Is it wrong for me to be taking this so hard? Shouldn't you want to always talk/see your partner when you have the opportunity?
When talking to partner feels like a "chore"?
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