How to ask a girl out over a DM?

I like this girl who goes to a school about 45 mins away. I've only talked to her a few times while hanging outwith mutual friends, and the last time I saw her we really hit it off, but I didn't get her number or ask her out. I told myself the next time I saw her I'd ask her out, but it's been about two months since I lst saw her and have no way of cotacting her other than through social media. What do I do/say to maximize the chance she'll say yes, and not come off as weird or creepy?


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  • just start general conversation first, try pick up where you left off. when the conversation is good and flowing ask if you can carry it on over drinks. you'll get her number in the process. good luck :)


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  • First hang with her in a group. Then say " hey, you wanna hang out later? You can bring a friend if you want to."


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