Are most Dutch men always looking down on Asian women?

I have a few friends and myself have had some bad experiences when we try to date Dutch guys. Is it something intrinsic they have against our race that makes it seem they look down on others?


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  • Yes your right it a hang over from the Dutch - East Indies days. Most European powers had colonies of one form or another so it takes time for these racised bigoted views to subside fully and unfortunately the male/ female sexual dominance makes your situation worse iam afraid.

    It will take time still as men still teach their sons hatred. Sexual religious and racist but I think we're getting there.

    • She's 18 to 24 years old. You really think guys that age think about the colonial time or that it has any influence on them?
      We're known for being very accepting towards other cultures and races. We're being teached that way from young age. I've never heard of hatred against Asians.

    • @spuitkaas no maybe I've over stated it. It's not hatred just considering them to be of lower social standing.

    • Thanks for The MHO

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  • I don't know what these people are all talking about in the comments. Colonial times, proud of being white whatever but that's all not true. Guess they all haven't been to the Netherlands themselves.

    My male friends actually prefer Asian girls. I know a lot of guys do. I don't think Dutch people are more picky in dating whatsoever. I think you just had some bad luck. The only thing you should keep in mind is that we might be a little harsh with words and that you don't misinterpret that.

    Trust me I'm Dutch.


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  • Here is another one. The Korean man blaming white women because they don't date him and now an Asian woman blames Dutch people for "hating" her race. You stick to your own race. It's that simple. Normal, natural and beautiful. Like it or not there are people in this world who date within their race as nature expects from us to preserve our beautiful identity.

  • People have preferences in every country. I know a lot of Asians who will not even look at black people. It's swings and roundabouts.


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  • tbh I've known a good chunk of northern europeans, mainly scandinavians but dutch as well, who tend to be very particular about dating white women cuz whiteness is important to them and they are proud of it. not all r like this, but its possible thats what uve run into thusfar.

    • Eh no. We're just neutral about being white and we're known as a very race accepting country.

    • @spuitkaas oh , i am sorry. i am not saying this in a mean way. if thats what someone values (their own racial features), as long as they treat others with respect they r entitled to date, marry, and procreate with whom they want. just to add, i haven't noticed this with scandinavian women much actually. i was talking about nordic and dutch men particularly in my experience. a person can be a tolerant person but prefer to date/marry their own race. im just pointing out a trend I've seen as a possibility. who knows if im right or not

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