Which My Little Pony character would you date based off of personality?

Which My Little Pony character would you date based off of personality?I'm sorry! XD My friend dared me to post this question, and I thought it would be a fun way to learn which personality type people like the most, sooo... yeah.

Okay... so in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there are six "mane" ponies, and each of them have very different personalities, and they are:

Twilight Sparkle: She is studious, and perfers to keep to herself most of the time, except when it comes to her friends. She is always willing top help her friends when in trouble. She came out of school at the top of her class, and is very, very smart. She is a bit of a nerd who likes to talk about nerdy things most of the time, and is innocent to most social things, such as parties.

Applejack: The Southern Belle of the group, Applejack lives with her brother and sister on a farm. She is very independent, claiming that she can do things on her own. She is a hard-working, picking apples by herself and selling them to ponies in the village. She is sometimes very stubborn.

Fluttershy: The most quiet of the group, Fluttershy is soft-spoken, and very shy, espcially in front of large crowds. She makes up for this with her passion to help and treat animals, as she shows compassion for them and other ponies.

Rainbow Dash: The brash one of the group, she is a sporty girl who loves to follow her dreams. She is fit and outspoken, not afraid to speak her mind. She is also very confident, but can come off as egotistical sometimes. She has a soft side when it calls for it.

Pinkie Pie: She loves to throw parties and is very random. She is also very outspoken and humerous. Many of her friends have trouble understaning her.

Rarity: Your basic girly girl. She is obessed with fashion and loves creating new styles. She is however, very generous and loves helping her friends and ponies in the village. She loves being treated like a lady, and hopes to one day find the perfect stallion.

So, if you had to choose, which one would you pick? Oh God, the answers are gonna be gold!
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Rainbow Dash and Twilight are tied. I guess people like confident or smart girls.


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  • Twilight Sparkle is probably the ideal pick out of them all - she's the most rounded character.

    Applejack is doable as well since I like her hard working mentality.

    Fluttershy I could try. I like shy girls since I myself was once shy, but she takes shyness to a whole new level, which I don't know if I could live with. I'd feel like walking on eggshells all the time. Typically the man is the brave and confident one in a couple but the woman does have to have two legs and the ovaries between them to stand her ground and deal with shit.

    Rainbow Dash - don't think so. Too rash and wild. Now, if she could tolerate her polar opposite as a partner then I guess I could try but hollerics like her typically don't tolerate phlegmats like me at all.

    Pinkie Pie and Rarity - absofuckinglutely not. The former is mentally unstable and the later is the incarnation of vanity, which should have been her name to begin with.


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