Girls, Do you ladies really find Indian men THAT unattractive/undateable?

So there have been various studies and surveys, showing that Indian men (those originating from India, not native Americans) are not considered dateable by women in most parts of the world. The reasons, as specified, were one or a combination of the following stereotypes about Indian men:-
1) They are physically unattractive
2) They are perverts/rapists
3) They are mamma's boys
4) They have small dicks

Indian men have almost always been at the bottom of the 'preference list' for women in the world. Is this true for you as well? Are Indian men so undesirable that you prefer all other races of men over them?

P. S. Please don't come up with pictures of Indian male celebrities, and claim they're 'hot'. Of course they are, and that's the reason they're in showbiz. Please restrict your answer to only the common, everyday Indian male.


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  • I'm a white American female & actually no i don't agree with that. In my opinion i find indian men to be nicer , more genuine and cuddly. I feel like they'd know how to treat a woman. They aren't unattractive it's only idiots that say that. I've seen some cute indian men it's like saying all black are ugly or all Asians are ugly when it's not true. People need to STOP stereotyping it is highly annoying. And if you are indian don't listen to what ignorant retarded people have to say. Indians are fucking awesome!!!

    • Thank you so much! Yeah, I'm Indian. Just have a look at what the other two girls said. I thought maybe I should stick to Indian women, and never try pursuing women of other races because they wouldn't be attracted to me anyway.

      Your words give me hope, though!

What Girls Said 2

  • 1) i find them unattractive, can't help it
    2/3) no, i just dont like the behaviour of most i've met, the culture does not align with me at all
    4) size doesn't bother me

    • Fair enough! Looks like Indian men should stick to dating Indian women, because women of other races don't find Indian men physically attractive.

  • 1. yeah, hate to say it but yes.
    2. YES. No explanation needed.
    3. No, I've never heard that rumor before. Usually I hear they disrespect all women.
    4. I don't know, never heard that either.

    Based off my interaction with indian men, i would not date them. On gag alone- the only creepy messages I get are from indian men. It's so gross, creepy and uncomfortable. I don't understand how they can say that stuff to a stranger. Would they ever say that stuff to their face?
    Also the culture of how "they deserve" women turns me off a lot.

    • So you you think ALL Indian men are perverts/rapists? It's unfortunate that you feel that way, but whatever floats your boat.

      And on GAG (and other sites), a lot of men of other races are 'pretending' to be Indian men just to send such messages, because they now the current image of Indian men, and it's a 'safe' way for them to behave like perverts.

      So you say 'based off your interaction', you wouldn't date them. But if there was someone who didn't stick to the stereotypes, would you still not date him?