Date ideas with a broken leg?

So I am currently healing from a major ankle surgrey. And don't get me wrong I love doing nothing and just cuddling and watching movies and my boyfriend is really understanding and fine with it but I just feel bad and don't want him to be bored. What are somethings we could do even with my being on crutches and limited?


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  • Go drive to a park or some naturey place to enjoy some outside air and talk. Maybe a picnic? Go out to dinner and/or movie. Go ice skating (haha just kidding)
    Go gimp around at a zoo? I don't know but there's stuff out there

    • This is true i could make him push me around in one of those stroller things

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    • Haha he's done it before lol

    • 🤗🙌Livin the dream

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  • Hopscotch contest? 3 legged race?

    Jokes aside, why not do what you normally would do? Pick up a folding backpack chairs and go miniture golfing, bowling, or what evs.

    there's also a great much you can do at home that is fun and exciting. Cooking a good dinner. Arts and Crafts, painting, a Skype class, that sort of things.

    Glad you got your ankle fixed, bummed you got laid up for some weeks.

    Good luck.

    • Thank you for your help lol

  • I wouldn't feel bad he just probably enjoys being able to be so close with you. xD

    • I mean I am sure of that but I just feel like it just kinda boring staying home sometimes

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    • A guy in love will never dread cuddling with his cutie patootie

    • @Rahdle I guess so

  • lots of things lol

    or just get social

    • What do you mean social

    • like call up family or friends
      have them come over, talk, just anything youd normally do with more people

    • Oh okay I gotcha now

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  • After my ex had knee surgery in order to cheer him up my friend and I surprised him with a threesome one afternoon lol, we all had a lot of fun but that may be more extreme than what you're thinking haha..
    Maybe just a nice picnic outside with a nice view