Are my friends secretly dating each other?

I have two friends and I have my guy friend longer than my girl friend. Anyways, we all have known each other for at least 4 months. My guy friend though, seems to treat me differently than her. Furthermore, they in my point of view, they seem to have clicked with each other. We all have several classes together at college and my guy friend is at the top of our class and is always tutoring us. However, he seems to spend more time "helping" this girl. Furthermore, when you invite one of them to do something, somehow, the other one gets invited. In another case, the two friends went to church with each other on Easter Sunday. Also, one of my friends said there seems to be something going on between these two and she thought they had good chemistry with each other and that he treats her differently than other us. I then expressed my feelings about those two with my friend and she agreed. My guy friend has stated in the past that he does not date people that are in his inner circle of friends, but now I feel as though he might actually be doing that with this girl. If these two are dating, I would be really happy for them because they do seem to have clicked with each other. I just want to know are they dating each other.

  • Yes, they are dating each other
  • No, they are not dating each other
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  • Most likely.

  • We know even less than you do about these people.
    I'm sure you'll get better answers if you just ask them directly. If you have a gut feeling that they're dating, they most probably are.