Us tinder worth the effort and time?

Is tinder worth downloading? I used it for some months about 1-2 years ago with no luck at all. The thing is that I never meet guys irl, like at all, and I was on badoo for almost 6 months and had no luck ther either. So im considering trying tinder again, but is it anything like badoo im probarly only going to waste my time.

by the way im looking for casual dating, not interested in hook ups

I have met people and heard about people getting dates, but at the same time I have heared about people only meeting people Who are up for hook ups..


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  • If you are not interested in hookups, then you might want to just avoid it. I used it for literally one week, it is scary effective in my experience lol, but I don't want to be a "fuckboy", so I stopped using it.

    • I guess you're right. . I Just get s little inpatient when I meet a datable guy maybe once or twice a year..

    • On the same note however, I mean it's super easy and not a lot of time and effort expended, so you could just use it casually and talk to guys and try to determine what their after, and be upfront about what you are looking for, etc. You could do that

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  • I used it for 4 days, was chatting with a really good lookin' dude, then he asked me out on a date and I went head over heals for him right there on the first date (cuz he's so hot daah). Well it turned out he was just bored I guess, he led me on for almost a month without making any move on me. I ended up blocking him and deleting my tinder account. Life is so much better now. :D You can try it though, but don't have ANY expectations. Guys on there (at least a decent looking guys) use it mainly for 2 reasons: 1. to get laid and 2. for ego boost. Don't be surprised if after getting matched with a "really good guy" he disappears out of the blue even though you had a great convo.


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  • Tinder is where you go and have a laugh.
    Generic shirtless guy holding a fish.
    Generic girl who likes travelling , music and having fun , no shit , I like breathing too.
    You do get the occasional funnies. I saw a shirtless guy holding a puppy and a kitten walking out of an exploding McDonald's once. That was lolz.

    Not a believer of the whole Tinder , right swipe , left swipe purely based on appearance business.

    • Well, I wouldn't have considered it if I met guys irl.. its just so frustrating, it feels like online dating/dating apps is the only way for me to meet guys D:

    • Perhaps instead of going out with the intention of "yeah I want to date" , go out and do something fun for yourself , like.
      If you like biking , go join a biking club , people with common interest right at the start , probably personalities that matches and who knows maybe you'd find a guy you want to go with.
      Sure as hell beats closing your eyes and just waving your arms around in the dark.

  • Tinder is the app for girls and guys to get laid - I'm surprised you didn't know this.

    I've banged quite a few girls; even those that have the generic "Oooh, and lastly, I'm not interested in hookups" - which is the biggest bullshit story of all time


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  • Hey,
    Tbh I wouldn't say it's worth it, because there's a lot of douchebags on there. Also it's really easy to catfish so I don't recommend meeting someone on there at all. You can try it tho, but I don't think it's worth any effort and time at allπŸ˜„πŸ˜…