Girls are you as picky in person (looks wise) as you are on Tinder?

I have no luck on Tonser, I admit I am picky there but I've exhausted a university town populace with like only ten matches. Now I think I look good in slender in good shape but I do shave my head from a condition no choice so I am bald however my face and eyes get comments all the time how great I look so it's not that bad a deal. Anyway I know they say guys especially have less luck online and I've heard girls on Tonder don't vote according to how they might if the guy approached them in person, so girls are you more picky on Tinder? Or would you actually say no to guys you swipe left on in person too?
I am more picky on Tinder, it's more of a game to me I don't take seriously you shouldn't be worried about goose few matches it doesn't represent reality.
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No, any guy I swipe no on I definitely would say no too in person as well, so with those few of matches you should be worried
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I know I don't see anyone ever get anything real from there just want to know if so few matches means I'm unattractive.
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Hmm I'm surprised.
Girls are you as picky in person (looks wise) as you are on Tinder?
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