Why does my girlfriend never post pictures of us on facebook?

first off i dont care much about facebook, i'm talking about the principle.

we're been on and off for 2 years exactly, and now for the past 4 months we're been serious and things are going great. i met her parents, she met my whole family, we always go out together with friends, EVERYBODY knows we're dating.

we have pictures together and only sends them to her all her best friends friends privately and to her parents, her cousins and her aunt... but then if she thinks im gonna post them on facebook or something she's like "no i look bad there, that picture is blurry, that picture is awkward."

we even took a picture at her graduation ceremony and i uploaded it to facebook, and she took it off her timeline because she said "i look weird there but i also think thats not a good first picture of us."

but the thing is, she is very active on facebook, and gets tagged in new pictures with her friends almost every day, and has snapchat selfies with her friends and her (gay) guy friend.

again, she doesn't hide me at all everyone sees that were clearly dating we're always together with her friends, but like for some reason it seems like she doesn't want me to be seen on her facebook and i don't get why.


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  • This should not be the defining issue of your relationship, but it's not a silly worry either. Social media can be superficial, ridiculous, and just plain stupid sometimes, but it's part of our identity now, it's part of how we present ourselves publicly, and it does matter especially if it's hurting your feelings.

    I'm not saying there's nothing going on here. If you've been dating for a year and she's posting pictures of everyone but you, that does seem odd. I will recommend you to try talking to her first.

    Tell her how you feel and ask her why it makes her uncomfortable to share pictures of you online.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    • well it hasn't been a year, 2 years very on and off and not serious at all. but the recent 4 months we have been very very serious. everyone in our social circle knows we're dating so i just dont get why she won't put a picture of us on facebook, girls always do that shit. i know she has endless feelings for me she is so attached and cares to much about me, but like even at the beach today like damn, at least post a selfie of us for your snapchat or facebook or something. if it goes on like this for a little longer im gonna say something

    • and yeah i give her her space, i let her go out with her friends and i chill with my friends. but then when i'm not there i'll see snaps and facebook pictures with all her friends from the night i wasn't there, but nights that i am there there are no pictures aside from her friends who occasionally take a candid photo of us for snapchat

    • To be honest #ASKER, I think she wants to keep you private...

      I know that may sound weird but I think because she really likes you and cares about you, she only wants those who really know her well to see this very deep and private side of her, which is you.

      You would think that because she isn't posting pictures with you, there is something wrong but I would think that BECAUSE SHE ISN'T POSTING pictures with you, there is something very special about you that she is not yet willing to share... Who knows why. This only she knows... But pressuring her to do so - will not do anyone any good and it will only create unnecessary tension between you two.

      Talk to her about it and ask her what she thinks and why she does it.. Then tell her how you feel about it and then let it be, hopefully she reconsiders how you feel about it and changes it... But if not, maybe she just needs more time to 'share you' with the unimportant public world. Some things take time...

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  • Considering that you've been on and off for a really long time, 4 months of seriousness kinda pale in comparison. I don't think she wants to put up pics of you just yet, simply because you might become on-off at any given moment. And at that point it would feel a bit ridiculous to have pics like that up.
    Or, just take her word for it when she says that she's not happy with how the pictures look.

  • Maybe she wants to avoid the awkwardness of getting rid of those photos if and when you break up.

  • so as not to upset her other boyfriends


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