Girls, Girl thought I wasn't interested so she got a new boyfriend?

Girl liked me for 12 months as I kept disappearing causing her to try and make moves she thought i wasn't interested as I never made moves. I came back she had a new boyfriend I let her know by commenting on her picture. he found out and seen me lingering around so I avoided him. she kept trying to get my attention by smiling and staring at me behind his back and biting her lips etc etc.

I avoided him and he made her send me a message saying just because I seen her around doesn't mean i can approach her ( she approached me 4 times). so i ignored it. he seen me asked if I was *** I said no he said ok then made her block me.

I left it for a few days then sent a message explaining myself and why I hadst made my move and why I had been disappearing. I also said I respect her wishes but I do hope maybe in the future we may get to know each other. then said i dont expect a response and see you around sometime. she immediately changed her photo from a professional one to a more casual one of her smiling the same way almost as if she had told her friends at work and they took a picture of her reaction i dont know. so anyway everytime she sees me she has a big smile on her face and stares at me but her boyfriend is aware and makes her avoid me. I have no idea why she keeps smiling like that i know i confused her and made her wait a year But why does she keep smiling like that?
Girls, Girl thought I wasn't interested so she got a new boyfriend?
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