Girls, Girl thought I wasn't interested so she got a new boyfriend?

Girl liked me for 12 months as I kept disappearing causing her to try and make moves she thought i wasn't interested as I never made moves. I came back she had a new boyfriend I let her know by commenting on her picture. he found out and seen me lingering around so I avoided him. she kept trying to get my attention by smiling and staring at me behind his back and biting her lips etc etc.

I avoided him and he made her send me a message saying just because I seen her around doesn't mean i can approach her ( she approached me 4 times). so i ignored it. he seen me asked if I was *** I said no he said ok then made her block me.

I left it for a few days then sent a message explaining myself and why I hadst made my move and why I had been disappearing. I also said I respect her wishes but I do hope maybe in the future we may get to know each other. then said i dont expect a response and see you around sometime. she immediately changed her photo from a professional one to a more casual one of her smiling the same way almost as if she had told her friends at work and they took a picture of her reaction i dont know. so anyway everytime she sees me she has a big smile on her face and stares at me but her boyfriend is aware and makes her avoid me. I have no idea why she keeps smiling like that i know i confused her and made her wait a year But why does she keep smiling like that?


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  • It sounds like both of them have issues. Maybe it's within your best interest to just let her go.

    • Hmm , I don't think she has issues , I was thinking maybe when she received my comment saying she looked nice she was flattered and he could sense something therefore got jealous seen me hanging about and gave her an ultimatum

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    • yeah, I think she needs to find herself before she can be a committed partner in a relationship

    • Hmm it does seem like she's just jumped into any old relationship assuming I'm not interested. I mean if she truly loved her boyfriend she wouldn't smile and she would also block me on LinkedIn or at the very least inform me that she isn't interested instead of just covering her back to keep her boyfriend happy their relationship is already destroyed if you ask me there's going to be some serious emotional distance between them especially if she only blocked me because of him the minute you manipulate you girl is the minute she will hide things and lose attraction creating emotional distance which will over time destroy it and force it to become an overall crap relationship lol

  • If you didn't make any moves on her and kept disappearing, no wonder she got a boyfriend. Being shy is one thing, but disappearing on her is just messing her about. You kind of brought this on yourself.

    Your theory about her changing her photo (that she took one of her reaction to something you said) sounds completely unrealistic and highly unlikely.

    Move on, next time you meet a girl just be brave and ask her out properly.

    Maybe she's smiling to try to diffuse the awkward situation.

    • I know I brought it on myself. I appreciate your opinion. I also understand what I may of made her feel by disappearing. But I have been busy building my business working 100+ hours a week. She could be trying to diffuse the situation but every time she sees me in the city I ignore looking at her and she still just stares with a huge smile. I am always open to meet others Although i would love to get to know her. I just wanted to inform her I liked her and my door is open for the future.