What does slam piece mean?

me and one of my best friends have been continuously hooking up for about a month or two now. We hang out besides just hooking up but neither of us have talked about what we are or make any move to bring things any further. All of his friends and his parents refer to us like we're dating but this hasn't actually been confirmed by either of us. The other day when I was hanging out with him and his friends, one of his best friends started to talk about "slam-pieces". His friend said that me and my Guy's relationship was kind of like that only in the way that he was my slam piece but said on the other hand that I wasn't his slam piece. What is this supposed to mean? can slam pieces only go one way?

what I mean is how can he be my "slam-piece" but I'm not his?


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  • Someone you won't date but will fuck til the cows come home.


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  • Slam piece is basically another work for fuck-buddy. He's saying that you regard your best friend as a fuck buddy (and don't have particularly romantic feelings for him), whereas your best friend perhaps has slightly deeper feelings for you than initially thought.

    That's what I interpreted from what your best friends friend said to you.. Could be wrong though


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  • Since his friend said that, there's probably more insight to the situation than he lets on. Meaning, your guy has probably confided in this friend that he is developing or has feelings for you. On the other hand, your guy, it seems like you're only in it for the sex, nothing deeper. So, when the friend said that the guy is your slam piece, but not the other way around, I took it as your guy having feelings for you but he doesn't feel it's the same or reciprocated on your end.

  • just a toy

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