Girls, , Do attractive women avoid attractive men?

I think of myself to be a somewhat attractive guy. I would rate myself somewhere above average on looks. I understand girls like game and all, but that's not what i'm really concerned with. Do attractive women purposely ignore and avoid attractive men? The main reason I ask is, because I see attractive women with funny looking dudes ALL the time. It's seldom I see a matching couples anymore.


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  • No... Perhaps if they are very insecure. I'm very selective myself. I think attractive women compare themselves to other women more though, I could be wrong - based on my observation.

    • Yeah, I see what you're saying. So, it's primarily about personality then?

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    • But attractive women may also date less attractive men, because their preferences differ; it's not always because of insecurity.

    • I really do appreciate your insight. Sometimes, I feel like i'm not attractive enough. Sometimes, women will tell me that i'm really handsome, but then disappear. I strive to figure out what it is about me that is causing attractive women to avoid me. I don't have really high standards at all. I don't really have a type either. When I say "attractive," I mean like a 6-10. I'm just lost I guess.

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  • Probably as your view of attractive is different to others. Same goes. So they might look mismatched to you but matched to each other

    • Perhaps, but it is painfully obvious though. There's this dude on my Facebook. He looks really funny. We're talking big head, hair cut like Loyd from "Dumb and Dumber" , and a severely malnourished looking body. Yet, he's always getting 7-10's like every month or two. I work really hard to have an attractive body. I style my hair to look fashionable. I'm always clean, groomed, and well kept, I wear nice clothes, and I have green eyes. Yet, I get rejected like 99.9% of the time. Maybe I just fall in that void space where, "he's not ugly, but I don't find him attractive."

    • Well there's more than a person's appearance

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