Missing condoms? Cheating or overreacting?

I've been dating my boyfriend about a year. We spend most all of our free time together by choice although we both work a lot. A few months ago he was leaving to go home to see his family and used an old suitcase the next morning I found old condoms (wrapped unused attached to one wrapper used) in the garbage. I confronted him and he said it was from his old suitcase and it made since there was a plane ticket in there form 2013 as well. He said he threw away the unused ones too because he doesn't need them. We don't use condoms I am on the pill. However he's always had a box of consoms under his bed. From when we first met and did use them and before me I'm sure. The box was full as we barely used any, there were some loose single condoms in the box as well as a bunch attached to each other. Now he cleaned his room and moved the box into his closet. I was grabbing a jacket out this morning and the box fell and it only had 6 in there. I am concerned that he is cheating now.. although he has never given me a reason to think he would. And we just got back from me traveling to meet his family (paid for by him) and he just bought me a MacBook for starting grad school. I'm only Saying this because he seems super invested in our relationship. But why would multiple condoms be missing? Should I confront him?
Missing condoms? Cheating or overreacting?
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