Why do men wait three days to call or text a woman?

why do guys wait three days to call or text a girl?


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  • It's one of those things that guys consider a rule of thumb. Unless we know somebody pretty well before we start dating or talking, guys will give it some time so that they don't seem desperate. Let's be honest about it, would you want a guy that seems desperate?


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  • Because if we call the day we meet you, or the very next day, you won't ever be attracted to us. I'd explain how this works, except not only does it make no sense whatsoever, but it would also involve generalizing girls, and I don't feel like getting yelled today so I'll just leave it at that.

    If a guy actually wants to go out with a girl, and not just be friends with her, the last thing he should do is call her right after getting her number.

  • Girls' opinions vary a lot on this subject, and asking "How long do you want me to wait to call you?" is a good way to get laughed at. As such, there has to be some standard to go by. Some women would want him to call the next day, some don't want him to call for a week. Generally, guys just go by the three-day rule. Unfortunately, some women stick to these rules as word of god (if he doesn't call in three days, he's not interested, if he calls before three days, he's desperate), but that's usually a sign that the girl isn't usually the ones you want to go for. The more mature girls are more lenient with their calling, so it seems to work out in the end.

    • That's true,BUT we still want to know lol.

    • Want to know...why we wait three days? Because it's a generally agreed upon point between desperate and disinterested. That's all.

    • Well,that's what I get when I asked a stupid question.

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