Girls, why can't muscles be as attractive as height?

This kind of bugs me, because I am a really muscular guy, I put a lot of effort into staying fit and athletic. And yet it seems like most girls dont care whether a guy has well defined abs, biceps etc.
But height is still so important to the point it gets you rejected.
I feel like a guy who's 6'2 but chubby would be more attractive than me, eventough he's lazy whereas I am working hard to stay in shape.
Why can't girls appreciate muscles more?


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  • Muscles are attractive, verrrry attractive girls just happen to have different preferences across the board. by the way how tall are you?

    • im 5'9 and counting.
      actually not counting, I'm done growing, so just 5'9

    • lol in that case your probably trying to get the attention of really tall girls. As long as the girl your asking out is under 5'7, a5'9 muscled guy sounds great especially if you have a great personality. Or really good humor

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  • It depends on how short you are.

    5'10 and muscular beats 6'2 and out of shape.
    However 6'2 and out of shape might beat 5'6 and muscular.

    Of course, 6'2 and muscular is ideal.

    Then face also matters a lot. If youve got a great face then you don't really need to be that muscular. You just need to be not fat.

    • What about 5'9 and muscular vs 6'2 and out of shape?

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    • The chubby guy could always lose weight, while the short guy can never gain heightm

    • do girls really look at guys and think about what he could be?
      When I see a fat girl i just see a fat girl, i wouldn't think to myself, hey i can start dating her and maybe she completely transforms her lifestyle and becomes hot one day

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  • There is someone for every girl although I don't know many who fall for lazy guys.

    • I've heard girls say they like guys who are chubby. I've never heard a girl say she likes guy that are below 6ft

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    • I find it funny how girls say dont be insecure when they are giving us every reason to be insecure. Would you date a short guy, answer is probably no?
      So its like you put height requirments and you just accept guy who dont meet them to be cool with it.

    • I tried to tell you several of my (very beautiful) friends have boyfriends and husbands shorter than 6' but your own self defeatist and insecure attitude poo-pooed
      The concept that we actually do choose shorter guys. We just don't choose insecure guys worried about their height.

  • Girls do really appreciate muscles, I don't know what you're talking about lol

    • as much as height?

    • Yeah, as long as you're taller than the girl but some girls do like being taller than the guy. It's all about preference

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  • Because anyone can get jacked but not everyone is going to get jacked and be 6'1". You will never have the mass, realistically, of someone taller than you all things equal.

    • I was thinking more in terms of a shorter guy with muscles looks better than a guy who has man boobs and beer belly but is 6'2. Ofc the 6'2 will weigh more

    • Didn't I just explain that anyone can exercise but your height is permanent? There are many factors you can juggle to make the taller person less attractive but considering height alone they require more shit to be unattractive than the short person who is inherently unattractive.

    • Basically short jacked dude is jacked to OFFSET THE FACT THAT HE IS A MIDGET

  • what's ur height? truth , u r already anonymous

  • No, you can get girls. You just don't know how. You have to act more perverted, and then girls will like you more I think. Girls like to know where a guy is coming from.

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