Why can't a non virgin guy prefer a virgin girl?

I am a virgin girl who will date only a non virgin guy. This is my life. and I can desire whoever I want. you can't force me to date a virgin guy. The same way you can't force a non virgin guy to date a non virgin girl. Calling him a hypocrite doesn't help you acheieve in making him stop prefering virgins.

  • he can't. I will insult him for not prefering non virgins
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  • "and I can desire whoever I want."

    That's true. But so can they. And they apparently don't want you.

    • Lol they do. And I want one man not men

    • Let us know when you find him.

    • Remember it is 1 man not men

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  • uh? then why you created this? you are basically saying I WANT THIS and nothing you say can change my opinion, honestly i dont care tbh , i can see why you would want a experienced guy that would make your first time more enjoyable and would last a lot longer but, on the other hand a non virgin guy is LIKELLY to not want a girl like you, you dont know how to please him and you dont have experience, and dont hit me with the " he can teach me " card , besides the fact the a non virgin guy might not be willing to wait a lot of time for you to be ready, all the reasons you dont want a virgin guy to be your first is the same reason guys that dont want virgins girls dont want virgin girls. and the options you gave ... cmon now.

    • Speak for yourself. if you dont want a virgin girl like me. fine. And I dont want a non virgin guy who doesn't want me

    • dont worry tho , there are plenty of guys out there that love virgin girls.

    • I know. I dont worry. Guys who prefer non virgins or dont value virginity should never dare to dream of being with me. I EXCLUDE SUCH GUYS

  • Yes, it's your life so it's your choice. The same way you said you can desire anyone and anything you want, so on the same lines guys can also desire what they want, they can have any standards they want as well.

    Hence if they want a non-virgin woman they will go for that only. You cannot control that, right.

    However there are guys who will prefer only virgins so you just need to wait it out for that guy to walk into your life

    • "if they want a non-virgin woman they will go for that only."
      Again their business their life

    • Yes, that's right

  • uhm... why would you insult him for liking girls with experience? being the 1st is a burden : you can't go rough, you need to take it slow, you need to teach them, AND being the 1st is a HUGE deal for her... i'm NEVER dating a virgin again personally

    • I love pain

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    • Meaning you will never fuck a virgin AGAIN

    • meaning i'll never DATE one never said anything about FUCKING one with no strings attached

  • You still don't deserve experienced dick.

  • Because it means he's a loooooseerrr!


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  • I thought guys usually preferred virgin girls.

    • thats a cliche.

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    • I didn't say non virgins are sluts. I just said guys who prefer sluts are pussies.

    • @WODSE why would he dump me? I am a loyal and down to earth to my beloved people