Are you scared of beautiful women?

I'm always interested in the nerdy guys. By nerdy, I'm mean like the guys on Big Bang Theory, smart, comic book and superhero-obsessed nerds. I'm a bit of a nerd myself and these guys are typically super sweet, so that's why I'm drawn to this type. When I like one of these guys, I flirt openly and let them know I like him. One guy I've liked this semester surprised me by reciprocating the flirting a bit, and he accepted my facebook request, which the last guy who sort of liked me back didn't (Now when I see him around campus he turns beet red, smiles, and walks away before I can say anything). But now this guy is extremely nervous around me, smiles at me a lot, but has distanced himself. This is a pattern for me. The minute it looks like a relationship might develop, the guys runs off. My friends and some other women say that guys (and people in general) are intimidated by me because I'm really pretty. I'm tall, thin but curvy. I think I'm pretty, but not so much that people should be uncomfortable with me. I don't think I'm a big deal. But I have girls come up to me in public telling me I'm pretty and have had girls who don't like me because I'm prettier than them (they actually tell me that's the reason). So, guys: Are there certain girls who scare off guys because they're pretty? And what can I do to seem approachable? And girls, share your experiences!
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Perhaps the better question is, for those of you who aren't, Why are some guys scared of beautiful women?
Are you scared of beautiful women?
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