Guys, are obviously fake boobs a dealbreaker?

I had the misfortune of winding up with breast cancer at just 18 years old and had to get a double mastectomy. Ever since then, I've felt more like a little girl than a woman and it just depresses me. Now, at 22, I've finally saved up enough to get breast implants (insurance isn't going to pay for any of it, I've already checked). The problem is, the surgeon says that because I'm so petite and have so little room left, I'll have to get saline implants and slowly get those expanded before my tissue is stretched enough to accommodate more natural looking implants. Even though I'm decent looking otherwise, I haven't had a boyfriend since my mastectomy, as it totally destroyed my confidence. I'm just wondering whether anyone will even want to date me once I've had the implants since they are going to look so fake? Any advice?
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Guys, are obviously fake boobs a dealbreaker?
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