Boyfriend looking at escorts?

So i just went into my boyfriends phone and looked at the internet history.. I saw backpage and craigslist escort pages. Like a lot. Just some background, i've always seen him looking at them when i go through his phone but i never asked him about it. I always knews though. But one time when i looked at the messages he had MESSAGED an escort.. He has a tendency to hit up other girls while he's fucked up but he stopped.. anyways he's passed out while i'm looking at this basically the messages are he says hey, she says hey babe, he asks how much for how long outcall/incall etc,, She answers him. He gets the address. He says 20 mins. Then asks if she has condoms. And nothing else. To me, that looks like he slept with an escort. So when i confronted him about it, he was offended, he got really defensive, talking about he doesn't have to pay and if he wanted to cheat he didn't need to with an escort. Blah blah basically just made himself look bad but he kept trying to convince me that he hadn't even though i insisted that it was over. The last time he started crying and got really emotional because he said i didn't believe him. So, i had him hold my hands, and look me in the eyes and i asked him "Did you sleep with someone else?" He looked at me and said No. So i believed him and we moved on. I just want to know why he looks at escort pages.. Still.. I haven't asked him because i don't want him to feel like i don't trust him. but it really bothers me !
Boyfriend looking at escorts?
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