Girls, would a guy being a virgin and wanting to wait until marriage for sex be an issue?

I'm 21 and a virgin, I've had opportunities but turned them down as to me I want to only ever truly be with one girl, I admit I got high standards on a girls body and mind but the thing is I only need one and I only want one.

If God came down and said 'Jacob tomorrow you'll meet a very beautiful looking girl who's got a heart of gold and she's the only one you'll ever be with for the rest of your days' I would be more than happy.

I've been offered casual sex I turned down, I've been offered sex while talking to a girl and turned it down (and some of these girls offering were very attractive too) so it's not like I haven't had the opportunity. Some guys may scoff at that but let them, they can have their immature drunken flings etc

anyway I do worry as in this age I feel like a lot of girls (even those with a good heart and a good head on their shoulders) would find a guy wanting to wait until marriage for sex to be a big issue or just think something is wrong with me.

the reality is I only ever want to truly be with one girl, I am religious and believe in God but that's not all the reasoning, I simply think it's more Romantic to be with one, one I'm attracted to for her body and her mind and then commit to her, build a family one day, watch the family grow up and then grow old with her. Maybe that makes me a hopeless romantic but hey I'm not ashamed of that, actually I'm proud of that.

girls would a guy like me be an issue for you?

  • I would be happy to wait until marriage for sex
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  • I would be willing to wait until marriage for sex but it wouldn't be my preference
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  • I would not wait until marriage for sex
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That's another question of mine (shameless self promotion I guess 😂) anyway please keep replying and given takes on why or why not you would wait for sex etc, not saying you're a bad person if you don't (if you're a fling type person that's not a stretch though) but for me I want to wait until marriage.


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  • well I'm waiting for the one too, so I don't see any issue there. It's sad that people now a days lose their virginity to strangers in a club, because for me it has a deep meaning, so losing my virginity has to be special, so waiting to meet a boy who I'll see myself with the rest of my life is my option.

    • I agree, what's sad is where I live people always mock my standards and goals, like I'm a freak for wanting something real over their failed marriages and flings etc. oh well I don't have to prove my goals or expectations to people like them, thanks for your insight.

    • that's it, you do this for yourself and as long you're happy with your decision and lifestyle, it should be enough.

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  • I voted for A because I want to wait as well. It's not a religious choice. It was my choice to wait. So it was hard for me to find a guy because when I did he was religious and I couldn't be with him because I'm not religious. So I decided to give guys that are not virgins a try because I know everyone is different. I had another hard time but I kept trying. Luckily I found someone that's willing to wait. So if the girl really likes you and sees a future with you she will definitely wait til marriage. I have met a few non religious girls that are virgins because they want to wait as well.

    • Well I am religious (not going to force it on you) so I mean I hope my girl at least believes, I'm not saying we have to go to church every Sunday or pray before every meal but you see the point. I have nothing against other beliefs or non beliefs as long as they don't force it on anyone or act like religious people are fools etc (some scientific types are)

  • Not an issue at all.

  • I wish there were more guys like you

  • im waiting for marriage as well so it's perfect

  • Not for me


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