I am depressed because of lookism and sluthate?

I used to be confident in myself before visiting these sites, but then I found them accidentally and became depressed. Apparently, my height and skull size make me ugly even though I used to think I was attractive. I also learned that girls only care about looks and money and can't really love a guy the way we love girls. What's the point to live if you don't look like Brian Shimansky?

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  • You forgot to be depressed about trump and not making chicks squirt, the size of your dick and the life confronting desicion of should you like butts or boobs

    • I am only 5'9'' so I have bigger problems than Trump or dick size.

    • Don't despair a gender fluid, foot worshipping chick whose a gay guy when she transcends would still love you.

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What Girls Said 3

  • This is pathetic.

  • People dont care about your height if you have a cute face as long as you're not a midget

  • girls don't just care about looks and money


What Guys Said 3

  • What sad life, if there is no purpose beyond women.

  • the internet has a habit of sucking life-force from you... don't listen to anyone saying crap here, if you had confidence you were all set! leave the sites alone and be confident like you were before, height means nothing unless you are 5'3 or smt

    • I am 5'9'', but if you are shorter than 6' you are ugly to all girls.

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    • No, it's manlet height. Below 6 feet is gross to all women, they prefer guys who are 6'2''-6'3''.

    • depends on where you live, here in Eastern Europe it's average and there are men that are 5'6 that have great girlfriends... height is not a problem here, if you are 6'2 or 5'9 it's kinda the same

  • Haha