I Slept With A Girl I Raised As A Baby And Wanted To Adopt?

I know my story can sound a bit much, I'm being honest, I just want advice.

When I was 16 I was already living on my own, my friend (since childhood almost like a brother) at the time went to prison for 5 years, he had a 3 month old baby (the baby's mother/his girlfriend died from drug overdose) and we made an legal arrangement that I would take care of his 3 month baby till he got out, I wanted to help him and he has done a lot for me. So I basically raised this baby for about 5 years, and I bonded with her to the point where I saw her as a family member, sometimes maybe as my own kid. She even called me dad (even though I always explained to her that she already has a real dad) Eventually he got out of prison and was able to raise her.

When I was 24 (the baby was 7 years now) He got killed from a gang member on some crime thing he was involved in and they put her up for adoption. I wanted to adopt her, and tried but I wasn't able to and a family eventually adopted her when she was 8 years old. So I basically moved on with my life even though on some level I loved that child almost as if she was my own. Now I am 35. I met this girl recently who is 20 years old and she was amazing, and we started dating/sleeping together. I recently found out that this girl is the same girl I raised. I haven't told her anything. In one hand I really like this girl and she likes me, but on the other hand I feel weird dating a girl I raised and even saw as my daughter who also called me dad and tried to adopt.

What should I do/ what would you do? How would you feel if you were the girl?
I Slept With A Girl I Raised As A Baby And Wanted To Adopt?
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